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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tabata Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown and bottled in Calabria, located in Southern Italy. Owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, the olive oil is harvested annually in October. With a high level of attention to detail and care for the product, production numbers are small but of utmost quality.

Arrivato is proudly the exclusive importer of Tabata Olive Oil in the U.S.A.

Dolce Di Rossano

 Annual Production: 1000 bottles (500 ml)


In a land enriched with hundred-year-old trees and protected as a Slow Food Presidium, the rugged, wild nature of the territory lends a simply unique, recognized, and protected flavor to this organic extra-virgin olive oil. An oil that recalls the sense of life of the land: first soft, then intense, with just the right balance of bitterness and spice.


Annual Production: 2000 Bottles (500 ml)

Blend: Messinese, Biancolilla, and Tondina Olives


Among the sharp meanders of the creeks descending from the peaks of the high Sila plateau grow the olive trees that produce this sweet, fruity extra- virgin oil with soft notes of tomato tempered by the discrete elegance of almond. A blend created from a new production method that opens the doors to recognition of the best oils of Calabria.

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11 Proven

Benefits of

Olive Oil

“At the end of the day,
quality extra virgin olive oil is
incredibly healthy. Due to its
powerful antioxidants, it
benefits your heart, brain,
joints and more. In fact, it
may be the healthiest fat on

the planet.”


More Olive

Oil May Bring

Longer Life

“Folks who consume more
than 1/2 a tablespoon of
olive oil a day are less likely
to die from heart disease,
cancer, neurodegenerative
diseases like Alzheimer's or
lung disease when
compared to people who
consume less of this healthy
fat, a new study finds.”


What You’ve Heard About Olive Oil

May be Wrong

“Some people say that extra
virgin olive oil is too delicate
to cook with -- that it’s best
used for dressings and
sauces. It’s true that it has a
lower smoke point than
some cooking oils like
canola, but it is stable
enough for everyday home



Is extra-virgin

olive oil

extra healthy?

“The health benefits of olive
oil have been attributed to

its antioxidant and anti-
inflammatory properties. In

fact, observational studies
have shown a link between
lower risks of cardiovascular
disease, some cancers, and
even dementia in people
who consume higher
amounts of olive oil than
those who use little or


The Tabata Company

On a sunny olive grove overlooking the sea, caressed by the salty breeze and subject to the north-easterly "Boreas" wind, where restored ancient dry stone walls blend with modern agronomic techniques. Ginevra has started an innovative family business together with her mother, uncle Roberto and grandparents. Ginevra chose to name the company after her ancestors and decided to steer it towards fully organic and sustainable farming. The challenge she wants to overcome is to create an outstanding EVO oil that exudes the scents and aromas of this land, rich in nature and history, rough and a little wild, but always welcoming and generous.

The Tabatà olive groves are divided into three estates, all located between the Sila and the sea. In the Prato estate, there are 1,800 trees, including cultivars such as Dolce di Rossano, Biancolilla, Tondina, Leccino, Ogliarola Messinese and Carolea.


For maximum quality, harvesting takes place before maturation and ripening, and is done by hand with mechanical aids. The olives are placed in crates and taken to the oil mill, where they are processed within a couple of hours of being picked. The mill is equipped with a chiller for cooling the paste and in-line filtration, and operates in a two-stage continuous cycle. Each batch is processed with customised criteria that follow the latest research in the field, specific to each cultivar.

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