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  • Where are the products sourced from?
    The Truffles: The region is called Marche, the central eastern part of Italy. Marche and Umbria are the two most well known regions and have the highest quality black truffles. The Olive Oil: The oil is sourced from Southern Calabria, which is the tip of the boot when looking at Italy. This region and southern Italy in general is known for having intense flavor and aroma in their oils.
  • How long can truffles be stored and what is the best storage method?
    If stored correctly, black truffles can last about 3 weeks. Correct storage includes a constant temperature at or near 36-39 degrees Fahrenheit, in an air tight container, with daily paper towel change. Never store truffles in rice for an extended period of time, the rice will absorb moisture from the truffle therefore causing it to lose weight faster than normal.
  • What are some of the best ways to serve and eat fresh truffles?
    The most common and best methods of service include freshly shaved or grated truffles over pasta, risotto, or pizza. It is also common to eat them with eggs and potatoes.
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